Security risk identification

We proactively identify the security risks and vulnerabilities that can attack your organization.

Achieve compliance

Our regular security assessment will help you meet all the industry compliance needs and standards, including ISO 27001, PSSI DSS and GDPR.

Palo –Alto Experts

We are a leading Palo Alto Network expert, and we help businesses achieving an unprecedented level of confidence.

Our Comprehensive range of Security Services

Next-Generation Firewall

Security solutions that help businesses stay ahead in times of continuous escalation of security threats and keep your people, infrastructure and data protected.

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Vulnerability Scanning

We support organizations by proactively identifying the security vulnerabilities along with addressing them before they pose a threat.

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Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Penetration Testing Services for the protection of your business-critical data.

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Threat Detection and Response

Damocles Managed Threat Detection and Response services will help you identify and respond to the sophisticated threats before they cause damage.
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Our Approach To Security

Our Approach To Security

Take advantage of our resources, expertise, and knowledge to resolve all your cybersecurity swiftly to protect your business like never before!

  • Data Collection

    We constantly gather the data to identify the threats and provide you the valuable insights of risk and vulnerabilities present in your network.

  • Specialized expertise

    We utilize our specialized outcome-based threat hunting technique to discover the threats that are present across the applications, network and behavior.

  • Data-driven approach

    We use a data-driven approach to prioritize and counter the threats and vulnerabilities present in your network.

Damocles will make your life easier and offer you a wide range of benefits including:

  • Simplified IT infrastructure
  • Reduced technology expenditures
  • Improved increased efficiency
  • Service-oriented, continually trained technicians at your disposal
  • Peace of mind from 24/7 monitoring
  • Fixed, low-cost “Managed IT Services”
  • Continuous expert support
  • Long-term planning and growth strategies
Cyber Security