Damocles Aegis: Advanced Threat Detection and Response


“Aegis” is Damocles advanced threat detection and response solution that integrates seamlessly with a wide range of security tools. Emphasize its capability to provide comprehensive visibility and control over threats, enhancing the security posture of businesses.

Threat Visibility

Gain extensive threat visibility across your cloud, hybrid and on-premises environment.

Live Vulnerability Management System

Enhancing real-time threat detection and ensuring continuous, automated vulnerability assessments to protect digital assets efficiently.

Ease the pressure

Damocles threat detection services will minimize the burden and responsibilities of continuous threat detection.

Threat Detect service will promptly identify and respond to the threats 24×7.

  • Approach

    Damocles managed threat detection services utilize a proactive, data-driven approach for threat detection.

  • Indicators

    We utilize both the manual and machine-assisted techniques to search for the indicators that signal an unknown threat presence.

  • Actionable insights

    Our services offer high-quality insightful advice and support for your long-term security strategy.

Threat Detect Service
Threat Detection & Response

Why Choose Us?

Hackers are constantly designing more sophisticated malware using encryption and packing. Damocles TDR uses advanced malware defense tools to stop the known and unknown threats at the spot.

Customer Satisfaction

We are rated 9/10 by our clients on a customer satisfaction scale.


To achieve the goals and objectives of TDR, our experts adopt an outcome-focused approach.


Our experts conduct an in-depth investigation using the hypothesis investigation approach.

Technology Agonistic

We strongly believe that ‘one size never fits all’ so we use different technologies and tools to resolve the complexities.

Damocles TDR services will offer you real-time threat protection along with other benefits including:

  • Real-time threat validation
  • False positives elimination
  • Browse recorded data
  • Analyze and respond
  • Ban malicious files
  • Stopping malicious processes
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Forensic analysis
Threat Protection
Damocles brings along a combination of excellence, experience and passion to the table with over 40 years of experience in handling cyber-security threats for business enterprises all over Australia, APAC, and overseas. Damocles specializes in threat detection & response services and also provides you with services in managed next-gen firewall services, cyber-security consulting, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing services.