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Become a Partner

When you choose Damocles, you get the best of expert-level services and customer support. Our expertise continues from evaluation to deployment and maintenance including signature updates. Damocles provides an unparalleled service and support that’ll accelerate your growth, because our business model doesn’t allow us to profit until you do.

Benefits of Partnering with Damocles

  • Complete Access to All Our Products and Services

  • Refer Products to Your Connections and Customers and Receive a Referral Fee when they Opt for It

  • Don’t Worry about the Communication and Billing. We Contact Directly to the Customer for that.

White Label

We allow white labelling of our products and services under your brand that’ll help you create a more visible brand and of course, a stronger foothold in the industry. We are a turn-key solutions-based company that allows you to get the best of both worlds through white labelling. Create your own brand while we handle all the possible communication and grievances for you.

Benefits of White Labelling Damocles Products & Services

  • Complete Access to all the Products at Wholesale Cost and Flexible Margins.

  • We Manage Customers’ Complaints and Maintenance under Your Brand that Ultimately Improves Your Brand Image and Positioning

  • We Do Not Interfere in Billing