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Intelligent Network Security Solution

Damocles Pal Alto Next-Generation Firewall is a threat-focused, fully integrated firewall solution for comprehensive
security against advanced and malicious threats.

Advanced Application Visibility and Control

The applications running on your network can be identified regardless of the protocols, encryption and port. When you have complete visibility, then evasive applications can be blocked instantly.

Nested Application Support

NGFW provides visibility and control over the apps that are hidden under the SSL encrypted traffic.

User and Role-Based Policies

It is integrated tightly with the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and Microsoft AD. This makes policy setting secure and simpler as the number of policies, IP addresses, and locations is reduced.

SSL Inspection

Decryption and inspection of inbound and outbound SLL connections provide better visibility and protection against the threats present in SSL encrypted traffic.

Damocles is a Palo Alto Networks service provider.

We are a leading Palo-Alto next-generation firewall vendor. We are specialized in Selling, Migrating and Managing the Palo Alto Networks’ solutions.

Palo Alto Networks products are used by more than 14,500 customers in over 120 countries.

  • Centralized Visibility

    Users get deep visibility and insights of the network traffic and threats through ACC
    (Application Command Center)

  • Policy Management

    The security rules and policies can be edited across the firewall deployment according to the organization’s security policy from a central location.

  • Better network insights

    The automated correlation engine will reduce the data clutter so that malicious behavior and compromised hosts can be identified.

The essence of Palo Alto Network lies in the Next-generation Firewall that delivers user, content and application visibility and control.

Palo Alto Networks are used by the provincial, local and state agencies to prevent cyberattacks, optimize the security operations and protect sensitive data.

The government agencies are using this revolutionary network to:

  • Detect and prevent credential theft
  • Preventing the phishing
  • Reduce the operational expenses
  • Meet security certificate requirements
  • Integrate the multiple security points
  • Protect the ICS/SCADA assets
  • Reduced analysts hour
  • Safe adoption of SaaS and cloud applications
Palo Alto Networks
Why Damocles For Palo Alto?

Why Damocles for Palo Alto?

Let us share our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve peace of mind and secure your valuable IT assets:

Customized solution

Our security team is skilled and experienced in successfully deploying and managing the customized Palo Alto NGFW solution to small to large organizations.

Comprehensive Support

Our Palo Alto experts will work closely throughout the migration and management of NGFW. Our experts will troubleshoot, test and validate and firewall functionality consistently.

Seamless experience

Our dedicated and experienced Palo Alto NGFW experts have developed the result-driven methodologies to make the NGFW migration experience seamless.

Best security practices

Our experts utilize the best security policies to help you leverage the true benefits of the revolutionary Palo-Alto NGFW.