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Internal Penetration Testing Services

Damocles internal pen test will help you in gauging what an attacker intends to achieve with an access to your network.

Security Posture review

Reviews the security robustness of your organization’s security by assessing its cyber health and risks involved.

Emulate the risks

Emulate the actions and actors of the internal threat to identify the threats and vulnerabilities present in the network.

Shape the framework

Device result-driven cyber strategies and frameworks to protect your organization against internal threats.

Penetration Testing Services

Strengthen your security posture, reduce the risks and improve your operational efficiency with Damocles Penetration Testing Services.


We are the highest accredited penetration testing services in Australia.


We are the cybersecurity field experts, and we have a deep understanding of how hackers operate.


Our customers are always satisfied with our security services, which makes our customer retention rate up to 95%.

Customer Support

Our support experts will dedicatedly help you in identifying and remediating the threats identified using the ‘pen-test’.

Damocles Internal Penetration testing services will ensure that an external network will not lead to the breach of your internal assets. If you are concerned about your network security, we, the top penetration testing Services Company, will help you:

  • Comprehensive network security
  • Unique visibility
  • Improved security
  • Strength and weakness analysis
  • Detailed remediation steps
  • Risk ratings
Internal Penetration testing

External Penetration testing services

Damocles external pen test services test the security control effectiveness, detect the attacks and identify the loopholes in internet-facing assets.

Bird –eye view

We gain a unique view of the effectiveness of your security system to stay ahead of the attackers.

Security posture assessment

We assess the security posture of the firewalls, routers and security appliances that are used for filtration of malicious internet traffic.

Evade penalties

We help you meet the regulatory compliance including HIPPA, GLBA, SARBANES and prevent the penalties.

External Penetration Testing

Our experts safely simulate the external sophisticated attacks to evaluate the risks and identify the remediation.

Remediation testing

We offer an additional service of reassessment of the vulnerabilities after the organization get some time to patch the vulnerabilities.

Reporting and Documentation

We offer a customized report that can be shared with vendors and management.


We are the experts of the cybersecurity field and we have a deep understanding of how hackers operate.


Our customers are always satisfied with our security services and this makes our customer retention rate to up to 95%.

Damocles Penetration testing services comply with all the standards including NIST, PTES, OWASP and the Australian Government Security Policies and Guidelines. Other benefits of our services include:

  • External security audit
  • Detect the vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerabilities elimination
  • Independent security verification
  • Avoid the costs
  • Ensure business continuity
Benefits Penetration Testing

It is also necessary because of IT Security Rules & Regulations and Guidelines like GLBA, FFIEC, NCUA, HIPAA, and etc.

Enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency by using our active vulnerability scanning process.

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