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The reality of cyber crime is that thousands of attempts will be made to break into your network- daily. Businesses suffer catastrophic financial and reputational damage when an attack succeeds. Our new normal in working from home and remote access has increased the entry points to networks adding vulnerabilities and entry points. Regular security health checks in the form of vulnerability scans ensure your network is secure and you meet your compliance obligations. Damocles as an independent assessor of network vulnerabilities can ensure you are as secure as possible and minimise your exposure to illegal, unwanted activities and meets your responsibilities as a corporation.

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What is Vulnerability Scanning?

Vulnerability Scanning involves systematic discovery, analysis and reporting of security holes within your communication and network infrastructure. Potential threats are identified, they are then prioritized and measures are taken to counter these threats.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

We support organizations by proactively identifying the security vulnerabilities along with addressing them before they pose a threat.

Vulnerability identification

Discover the network weaknesses and fix them before the attackers exploit them.

Time and costs savings

Mitigate the data breach risks and eliminate a range of costs, fines along with the loss of customers.


Meet the industry regulations including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the international standard for information security, ISO 27001.

Scope of Cyber Security Review for Business

External Vulnerability Assessment of Public-Facing Devices

Focus is on scanning network hosts including external devices such as a router, server along with the public IP address and connected devices behind LAN. This also ensures detecting weakness in external virtual environments and their host configurations.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment of Connected Devices

Internal scanning is done through VPN and includes an assessment of private IP range to get an insight into an organization’s security profile from an insider perspective. This is helpful in preventing hackers to gain access to or modify and destroy confidential information. 


Report Details of All Vulnerabilities Found

Internal and external vulnerability scanning report gives detailed information about the existing vulnerabilities. This helps organizations access their security setups and find the right solution to eliminate threats. 


Detailed Remediation Report

Vulnerability scanning report is immediately followed with a detailed remediation report which spells out steps and processes to eliminate each vulnerability before hackers get hold of your network and communication infrastructure.

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Get further 50% discount for rescan, once remediation is completed.

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$110 (50% off RRP) hourly rates for additional assistance. 

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    • Time Taken – Same day
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    Damocles Cyber Risk Assessment



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    • 16 Public Devices
    • 128 internal devices
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    Damocles Cyber Risk Assessment



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    • 32 Public Devices
    • 256 internal devices
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